Reason not to use open source content management systems

Some of the more popular content management systems out there are wordpress, joomla, and drupal, and there are always more and more being created, especially with the popularity of programming languages such as ruby on rails. When deciding what the best method for creating your business web presence, some things you will want to factor in are, in no particular order, does your hosting plan offer databases access or do you have to pay more for that? is the method im using going to need to be updated? will I be able to have the design I want? How easy is it for me to be able to add content? How much control do I have over the look of all pages?

With all the major opensource CMS's you will need hosting with at least 1 database, but more if your going to want ecommerce or other database driven applications.

All of the Major opensource CMS's will need to have the application updated, themes updated, widgets updated and monitored. It requires a lot of understanding about content management systems, how to install them, how to trouble shoot them, etc.. This can be extremely time consuming especially if you have to learn it, but even after you have learned the basics that only means you now know how to really break it.

Creating original design using any of the major opensource CMS's is extremely difficult because of the manor in which it stores and retrieves its information, for instance to build the home page it has to go to 10 different folders and pull information from each and put it all together on the page, this causes a lot of latency issues, resulting in slower load times and more customers clicking away.
Its not impossible to design in any of them, you just have to have a complete and thorough understand of php and databases and that can cost a lot of money just to implement a design. Seems the money saved by using custom content management system design could be spent in better places like SEO, link building and some other very important ways to make sure potential customers can find you.

As you can see there are a lot of negatives involved with deciding to take your business online with opensource CMS's like wordpress, joomla, drupal etc...

I offer a better alternative, by creating websites using xhtml, and php, it makes the website much faster and more efficient, making for a better user experience and that will usually turn into return on investment (roi). I develop custom content management systems that incorporate blogs, ecommerce, scheduling calendars, index systems(catalogs), customer feedback and more, for about the price it would cost you for the design of a wordpress custom theme. But I offer professional search engine optimization before during and after the website has been launched, this is a very important part of owning a website. What good is a have a great design if no one can find you?

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