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Whats involved with hosting a web site


This to me the the most important question every person who wants to have a website should be asking and searching for answers.

The very first step in the process of getting your Website built and online is understanding hosting.
Hosting is everything to do with where your websites files are stored and where the world connects to view your website. This is a very broad definition.

Cpanel is the interface to your hosting account

The server is a computer located somewhere with a known connection speed. It is structured just like your computer as a matter of fact if you know how folders are structured on your computer its the same way, there is a main folder "www" inside that folder resides another folder called yourwebsite that is where your website files would be.
 So lets dig a little deeper we know it is where your files are stored and viewed, its also where you control your domain name. A domain name is the http://www.domainNameHere so it would be equivalent to your home address on the web. Inside your Hosts Cpanel is where you assign the domain name to the folder your website files are in.

now that we have our domain name pointed to the correct folder on our webserver, we can set up an email account, ftp account, sub domains etc.. explore before acting.

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